Private Pilot Exam Preparation

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taught by Steve Pomroy

Writing exams an essential step in education -- a process that we all need to go through. Exams or tests are usually a rite of passage to the next level in your learning. Specifically, multiple-choice questions can be tricky -- with answers that all look correct, or worse, all look incorrect. Even numerical answers can be very misleading and soon you may find yourself stressed and confused.

In our PPL Exam Prep course, we use aviation knowledge as a playground to introduce you to various multiple-choice question mechanics and test writing strategies that work. Using these strategies will make you more confident in your selected answers and may lead to higher grades overall. The strategies offered in the course can be applied to any subject matter. This is a very intriguing course, enroll now and we will see you in the course.

After covering exam and question structure, the course covers over 120 demonstrated Private Pilot practice questions. These questions are supplemented with 110 assigned practice problems so you can practice multiple-choice strategy and get more familiar with PPL-level content.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a groundschool course! It is a post-groundschool exam-prep course. The goal is to build test-taking skills so that the exam structure doesn't interfere with your knowledge on test day.

Course Features

  • 14 Videos

    Over 4.5 hours of lecture materials and problem demonstrations

  • 16 Documents

    Reference documents and practice problems

  • Software

    Transport Canada's practice exam software

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

  • 2

    Test Mechanics

    • Private Pilot Exam Structure

    • Multiple Choice Question Structure

  • 3

    Multiple Choice Strategies

    • MC Strategies 1: Core Strategies

    • MC Strategies 2: Addon Strategies

    • MC Strategies 3: Guessing

    • MC Strategies 4: Pacing and Checking

    • Strategy Board

  • 4

    PRACTICE: Air law

    • Air Law Demo Problems

    • Air Law Practice Problems

  • 5

    PRACTICE: General Knowledge 1

    • General Knowledge 1 Demo Problems

    • General Knowledge 1 Practice Problems

  • 6

    PRACTICE: General Knowledge 2

    • General Knowledge 2 Demo Problems

    • General Knowledge 2 Practice Problems

  • 7

    PRACTICE: Meteorology Theory

    • Meteorology Theory Demo Problems

    • Meteorology Theory Practice Problems

  • 8

    PRACTICE: Applied Meteorology

    • Applied Met APPENDIX for Video

    • Applied Meteorology Demo Problems

    • Applied Meteorology Practice Problems

  • 9

    PRACTICE: Navigation Theory

    • Navigation Theory Demo Problems

    • Navigation Theory Practice Problems

  • 10

    PRACTICE: Applied Navigation

    • Navigation Chart Excerpt

    • Applied navigation Demo Problems

    • Applied Navigation Practice Problems

Your Instructor

Steve Pomroy

Steve Pomroy holds an Airline transport Pilot License and a Class 1 Flight Instructor Rating.  With over 20 years in aviation and over 6,000 hours of flying time, most of Steve's professional experience is in flight operations.  Most recently, he's been operating as a Captain on a Dash-8-Q400 aircraft at a regional airline in Canada.

Steve's teaching background includes three years teaching Mechanical Engineering at an international college in the Middle East, and many years (and thousands of flight hours!) as a flight instructor, both civilian and military.  Aside from in-person instruction (both in the classroom and in the airplane), Steve has also worked behind-the-scenes on tutorial video development for  Currently, his program and course-development efforts are focused on engineering courses at